März 21, 2014

First day of Spring! Officially!

YEAH, yesterday there was finally the 20.03.2014! Unfortunately today its more like rainy autumn here. So it feels much better that I took advantage of the sun with 20 degrees yesterday, starting my spring-cleaning outside on my loggia-balcony with repoting plants! There was much to do, but it was so great putting my hands into soil and seeing the plants going well. I would love to have a garden...but I am happy with my green, sun and plants on my loggia until I find my garden :D! Do you have yours?

März 17, 2014

Miss Spring arrived

Three days left, and then we will have her again officially. Miss Spring is coming, although she actually already arrived. Totally differnet compared to last year. 2013 she was late. We had snow and we spent some time in the austrian mountains with snowboarding and enjoying winter nature. But these snap shots here definitely show that she already arrived, and that's good! Here in Germanys erstern part people celebrate carnival pretty hard. I do not, but a special berliner which are sold as a carnival delicacy were also on my table. Mhhhh...time to for baking spring cakes again and time for birds, flowers, seeds and balcony garden! Wish you all a beautiful new springtime 2014! Enjoy as much as you can! yours, M like March!