Oktober 23, 2013

And that's alright.

In a crooked little town...

... , they were lost and never found
Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves... on the ground

In these beauty of orange, green, red and yellow I could post soooo many beautiful autumn pics, but these are my favourite. Every time I'm jogging, I am staring at these patters. Especially when the leaves are stamped in the ground.

Oktober 14, 2013

Trip Advisor 1 # Netherlands

We are living next door to a really beautiful country. I lost my heart there ;-) Sometimes I am thinking of moving there. Who knows, maybe one day there will be an opportunity. But first of all I wanna give you some nice pics from the beauty between city and nature in the Netherlands. There are so many places to go and you the best thing is that they are so close to each other. These pics are from different places in Northern Holland from the last weeks. For example the very beautiful city 'Haarlem' which is much more cozy and not that touristic like Amsterdam. And you can reach the sea by bike in half an hour from there. Perfect!

Oktober 10, 2013

Oktober 02, 2013

New name. New world. Old girl.

This is my new blog. I am happy to welcome you to my world. As you have seen my last name changed and this happy change is a good reason for starting new here in the blogger world. Now you know why I have been so absent the last months and what kind of things I had to do rather than posting pictures :D. But this place should become more fresh now. I changed the size of the pics and hope to post more constant than the last months. But I am still the old girl who tries to keep all the little things and treasures from our everyday to remember and I am happy when you drop in and leave a note in the future. Thank you for visiting this place.

Magdalena Sander