Oktober 23, 2013

And that's alright.


  1. deine bilder, liebe magdalena, deine bilder ...

  2. Antworten
    1. aaa to nie mgla, tylko odbicie w ciemnej szybie :D

  3. that's not just alright, it's a dream.

  4. I love the picture of the leaves, really beautiful colors

  5. you like deftones?
    dear magdalena, so many beautiful photos again.
    those leaves...autumn is gorgeous. a time for change.
    today i am resting in bed, have been dragging a cold way too long.
    find it hard to be quiet though, luckily there is blogging to do! :)
    hugs for you

    1. sara,
      thank you soooo much my dear!!! autumn is really time for a change. hoping you are healthy now!!! and sorry for the late answer. I had so much to organize for the trip and then it all went so fast and i sat in the plane..haha. and now its over and I am back home. so enjoy your november days. I will. and yes, I like desftones, and today there are queens of the stonage in town. happy to go ther...aahhhhh
      kisses! adios