August 02, 2014

From the bottom of my heart

Can't believe that we have already august ! Wow! My last post was in april as you can see. At that time I didn't knew about what future will bring and never thought that I will be posting that late.
This blog is like a composed photodiary with some chosen pics and arrangements. I try to catch moments, moods and persepctives from everyday life without bringing very much of my private life in here. But now I am proud to tell you just a little bit about the last weeks and months. At the same time it will eternalize here as a photo memory for a very special time in my life.

I am so happy to tell you that some few weeks ago I gave birth to my beloved son. And some weeks before that I was hospitalized because of a very bad pregnancy disease. So that was the reason for neglecting my blog. Everything came so sudden and it were hard weeks in hospital until my boy was born. But now our little family is united and we're so incredible happy starting a new adventure in life. So, this is not the end of my blog and although there is not much time left, I love photography and the blogger world and will go on here. Hope I can finde every day a little bit more time for visiting other blogs as I did before.

So, wish you still a happy summertime.
M like Mum ;-)