November 11, 2013

Amigos Part 2


  1. Oh Anne! yoooooouuuu!!!! yoooouuu lucky one. three months sounds so great! so much time to see it much more like the mexikans do and not just like a tourist.
    we had just two weeks and I have to come back to see the place I wanted to see the most but couldn't. San Cristobal de las Casas... :( maybe that would be the best of what I heard from people and freinds...

    but although only two weeks, we had the day of the dead in mexiko (muaaaahhhh) and we travelled :D, tulum, coba, chichen itza, two cenotes and merida, campeche, uxmal and tulum at the end again. a small round trip but at least a new adventure. and we had so much luck. in the night when we arrived at our cabana in tulum, hundreds of baby turtles hatched around us and we could watch and attend them to the wide open sea. it was awesome. xxx
    uxmal was very impresiv on me and the sun & sea of the east coast.

    Waht was your favourite place!

    1. Well I missed the day of the death AND the baby turtles (how cool!!), so you've beaten me there ;) Haha, always good to have a reason to come back right? Your trip sounds lovely - was it your honeymoon??
      Oh hard to tell what was my favorite place, the whole trip has become one great memory - I'm afraid I have to stick with that cliché answer :)

  2. wuahahha! baby turtles and the day of the death! i have friends in mexico and there posts on facebook from the day of the death made me very inspired to see it once.
    was it your honey moon???

    beautiful photos, again.

  3. @ sara:
    if you have friends there, go for it baby if you have the chance to.
    and yes it was our honey moon backpacking travel and relaxing vacation trip :D ha!

    @ Jagoda
    mowie ci, tam ciezko dla oczow, tak kolorowo tam jest...hahaa