November 28, 2013

November I colour you in orange!

I have plenty of colours and pictures with sun and sea from mexiko ;D but I think it's enough. I am slowly searching for colours in my environment. They are hidden but they are there :D November is a really depressive month, but I hope you have also your islands and lights and warmth and mandarine oranges of course...
wish you a happy weekend!


  1. mmm i believe these ones were really tasty? always such a reminder of christmas and childhood, the smell of mandarines and tangarines.
    anyways, last day of november! i hope december, despite the darkness, will bring some light (snow???) and colors!
    hugs to you

    1. yes finally it's december and I am looking forwar to a snowy one :D
      warm hugs to you my dear.

  2. these are part of my daily dose of orange as well :)
    curious to see what colors december will bring us! x